Credit Risk Manager

Sector: FinTech

Your Purpose:

Your primary area of focus is to ensure that there is profitable growth of the customer base in line with the business plan, through owning the creation and management of the local credit agenda. This will be a varied role so you will need to be comfortable managing credit analysis, working with the hub credit team on new product developments, testing and suggesting new credit models and making suggestions for improvements and enhancements to the local credit approach and implementing them. This risk comes in different forms, ensuring effective credit performance that can evolve and adapt with our needs, monitoring and evaluating credit and arrears management strategies to manage credit loss, systems, governance and reporting and the effective use of systems and partners for all elements of risk management. 

What you will be required to deliver in your new role? 

  • You will take a test and learn approach towards the governance and development of credit processes and activities, being quick to tighten, relax or challenge credit and arrears management controls where they are not in support of the business strategy 
  • Working in conjunction with the hub credit team, you will be responsible for the rules, models, decisions and automated systems across the credit risk lifecycle in Spain
  • You will maintain and ensure effective reporting on the credit systems in place, being open to challenge and feedback
  • You will support the launch and development of new products and services in Spain from a Risk perspective, this may include risk based pricing, channel based pricing and new innovations
  • You will love to get stuck into the detail, noticing key trends and patterns across the risk landscape and quickly acting upon them, getting a real buzz from recommending and implementing new strategies and approaches to further support customer growth
  • Care about the business; monitoring and reviewing processes and policies to protect the organisation from fraud and risk and to identify ways to further drive growth and reduce wastage
  • You will love to build great relationships with key partners, working with stakeholders from within the business and external to ensure you can acquire the right tools and processes to deliver the business plan
  • Put customer experience and innovation at the heart of our business processes – have this in mind when approaching all risk management activity
  • You will know when to lead and when to do, balancing the strategic with the tactical in an effortless way
  • From the offset, maintain and demand high levels of customer service from yourself, your suppliers, outsource partners and in the models and systems that are used
  • Work hard to develop strong relationships with the in-market team and to be flexible and pragmatic
  • Have an attitude of ‘Why not! Let’s do it’
  • Be playful, be brave, be curious
  • Always look to do the best for your customers, whether internal or external
  • Care about what we spend – treat this business like it is your own
  • Look for economies of scale and opportunities to reduce waste, whilst not impacting the customer experience


 Qualification in statistics or numbers would definitely help you in this role


  • High level ability to interpret complex performance data; identify and deliver priority actions; evaluate the impact and risks of change 
  • Spot issues and opportunities and acts upon them quickly!
  • Able to effectively influence and challenge others
  • Creativity and an aptitude for problem solving
  • Flexible – happy to roll your sleeves up when needed


  • Breadth of knowledge across the Credit arena
  • Good understanding of statutory, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Thorough knowledge of analytics, credit scoring, credit systems and processes
  • Good knowledge of collections systems and processes (desirable)
  • Strong understanding in consumer credit
  • Understanding and demonstrable application of the basic principles of credit scoring
  • Fraud management (ideally within a digital environment)
  • Knowledge and practical experience of the tools available to support the management of credit risk


  • A proven track record managing credit risk in an online lending business
  • Worked with online credit risk policies and credit risk rules, including design of credit scorecards for on-line lending
  • Experience of successfully implementing credit risk systems
  • Experience of identifying and building strong relationships with effective partners / suppliers in the area of credit risk and fraud (credit bureaus, etc)
  • Previous money transfer experience would be a great advantage
  • Worked with SAS (Statistical Analytics System) would be desired
  • Experience gained within a digital financial services environment (desirable)
  • Exposure to working in an international business that works cross-culturally
  • Experience of utilising big data in credit scoring strategies (desirable)


  • Fluent in verbal and written Spanish (essential)
  • Fluent in verbal and written business English (essential)
  • Able to travel internationally for business meetings (essential)

Reporting to: 

Head of Credit & Risk (functional)

Country Manager (in market)

Your job level: Manager

Based In:  Madrid, Spain


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